The BCHA is dedicated to providing experiences for our visitors that are immersive and interactive.  To meet this mission, we host a number of permanent and temporary exhibits throughout the year.  Our long-term offerings can be found in all four of the open buildings, while temporary exhibits can be found inside the Sheriff’s Residence.

In 2020, the BCHA is introducing the virtual exhibit experience!  This allows for us to showcase smaller collections in our vaults, expand upon current exhibits, and to even explore entirely new subjects that benefit from a multimedia experience!

Permanent Exhibits


Explore the world of our historic 1839 Courthouse and how it is the centerpiece to Berrien County’s storied past.  Permanent exhibits help you discover what defines the cornerstone of the state on the lower level while exhibits on the second floor allow guests to step into the shoes of lawyer from long ago.


The life of the Murdocks and other early Berrien County pioneers come to life inside the Murdock Cabin, with artifacts on display in a traditional house museum set up. Step inside to step back in time.

Note: At this time, the second story is not open to the public.


What started out as a community meeting space has become the home of industrial history as Bennett’s Forge lets the story of blacksmiths and other artisans remain relevant in our highly digital world.


The history of the “long arm of the law” is on display inside the Sheriff’s Residence along with our current temporary exhibit and you can tap into your inner criminal as you explore the recreated jail cells on the Plaza

Note: At this time, the second story is not open to the public. 

Dear Santa

On Display Now

Holiday Delights

November 30 – January 4, 2021

The grounds are decorated for the holidays!  While things are a little lighter this year, there is still enough light to spark cheer in all our guests!  Visit the Sheriff’s Residence to step inside a Christmas morning and a Hanukkah evening!

Next Exhibit –  Historic Rituals: The Freemasons of Berrien County

Coming January 2021!


Virtual Exhibits

There’s Going to Be Fireworks: Celebrating Americana in Berrien County (July 2020)

St. Pikolas is Coming: The Pickle Festival Parades of Days Past (December 2020)

Drop the Ball!  Parties to Kick off the New Year! (December 2020)

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