Recurring Programs

In addition to one-off programs and our annual events, the BCHA hosts regular series designed to engage our audiences in different ways!  Check out the programs below to see what we have ‘on the docket!’  To learn more about the details of each series session or to register (where needed), visit our calendar of events.

Thursday Night at the Courthouse Talks

2nd Thursday of the month 

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Free admission

This monthly series explores different topics in Berrien County’s past and present, ranging from ethnic communities to social groups.  Guest speakesr from around the region and the county share their knowledge on these topics to help shape our knowledge of Berrien County.  These programs will be hosted on-line during COVID-19 restrictions and once we move back  to in-person programming, they will be streamed online.

Sunday Afternoons at the Courthouse Talks

4th Sunday of the month 

Time:2:30 p.m.

Free admission

This unique series is comprised of two lecture circuits.  Series one focuses on social justice topics through the lens of the law.  Series two focuses on development of religions in the U.S. and their unique experience.  These programs will be hosted on-line during COVID-19 restrictions and once we move back to in-person programming, they will be streamed online.

January: Benton Harbor’s William Sheffield

  • Speaker: Michael Hoyh, Benton Harbor Historical Preservation Society
  • Date: January 14
  • Online Link

February: The Black Masons of Michigan

  • Speaker: Dirk Hughes, Michigan Masonic Museum
  • Date: February 11
  • Online Link

March: Dora Whitney, Lady Lawyer

  • Speaker: Carrie Sharlow, Michigan State Bar
  • Date: March 11
  • Online Link

April: Making Tracks in New Buffalo

  • Speaker: TBD, New Buffalo Railroad Museum
  • Date: April 8
  • Online Link

May: The Queens of Blossomtime

  • Speaker: Anna Abdelnour, President, Blossomtime Festival
  • Date: May 13
  • Online Link

June: Batters Up!  Berrien County’s Baseball Past [CANCELLED]

  • Speaker: Gary Gillette
  • Date: June 10
  • Online Link


August: Frank Lloyd Wright Comes to St. Joe

September: Latinx West Michigan

October: The Vampire in American Folklore

November: Luring Berrien County: Fishing Lure Companies along the St. Joe River

Religious Series

January: Seventh-day Adventist

  • Speaker: Dr. Erhardt Gallos, Andrews University
  • Date: January 24
  • Online Link

April: The African Methodist Episcopal Church

  • Speaker: The AME Church of Benton Harbor
  • Date: April 25
  • Online Link

Social Justice Series

February: The Roots of American Law

  • Speaker: Dr. Sally Hadden, Western Michigan University
  • Date: February 28
  • Online Link

May: Citizens, the Environment, and the Law

  • Speaker: Dr. David Benac, Western Michigan University
  • Date: May 23
  • Online Link

Crooning at the Courthouse Music Series

4th Friday of the month, May through September

Time: 6:30 p.m.

$5.00 public, $2.00 Members

This summer musical series lets everyone kick start the weekend with area performers.  New musical styles will be hosted each month on the grounds or in the Courthouse in the case of bad weather.  When outdoors, guests are encouraged to bring blankets, chairs, and even picnic dinners to enjoy the concert.

Constellation Conversation at Love Creek

1st Saturday of the Month, May through September

Time: 8:00 p.m.

$5.00 public, $2.00 Members

Join the BCHA and Love Creek Nature Center this summer as we explore the story of the stars from around the world.  You may know the story of Pegasus, but do you know the story of Moose?  Each month a guest speaker will tell the stories of the constellations from around the world before participants are lead on a night hike to the Love Creek prairie to see the constellations themselves.

May: Tickling the Ivories

  • Performers: Mike O’Mara
  • Date: May 28

June: A Classic Sound

  • Performers: Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra
  • Date: June 25

July: Jazzing up July

  • Performers: Blue Shoes Jazz
  • Date: July 23

August: No Longer Forgotten

  • Performers: Martha Cares & Gareth Taylor
  • Date: August 27

September: A Return to 1839

  • Performers: Mike O’Mara
  • Date: September 24

May: Beyond the Greeks: European Star Stories

  • Speaker: Rhiannon Cizon
  • Date: May 1

June: The Giraffes: African Star Stories

  • Speaker: Rhiannon Cizon
  • Date: June 5

July: Riding the Chariot: Asian Star Stories

  • Speaker: Tara Velez
  • Date: July 3

August: Call Him Moose: Potawatomi Star Stories

  • Speaker: TBA
  • Date: August 7

September: The Three Stones of the Hearth: Mesoamerican Star Stories

  • Speaker: John Moga
  • Date: September 4

BCHA Trivia Challenges

3rd Saturday of the month, held quarterly

Time: 6:30 p.m.

$5.00 per person, $40 per team

Join the BCHA for a fun filled trivia evening that puts your knowledge to the test.  Whether you join us on your own or with a team, bring your A game!  Each trivia night will focus on a specific topic, so brush on your history skills for an evening that’s even better than Trivial Pursuit!

In the event COVID-19 restrictions are still in place, trivia nights will be held via zoom.  The link will only be sent to registered participants.  Once in-person programming is allowed, these will be hosted inside the Courthouse with possible online participation.

Maker Magic Workshops

3rd Saturday of the month, held quarterly

Time: 2:30 p.m.

$10.00 public, $5.00 Members

The BCHA is bringing artisan skills back to the History Center at Courthouse Square with our Maker Magic series.  Each quarter we’ll explore a new skill ranging from the kitchen to the forge, letting participants stretch themselves in unique ways.

In the event COVID-19 restrictions are still in place, workshops (where possible) will be held via zoom.  Workshops unable to be transferred online will be replaced with an alternative option.

March: Crown and Sash: US Pageant History [CANCELLED]

  • Date: March 20
  • Online registration

June: Stealing Home: Baseball History  [CANCELLED]

  • Date: June 19
  • Online registration

September: Beyond Empanadas: Latinx History

December: Moose and Elk: Michigan History

January: The Art of the Love Letter Workshop [CANCELLED]

  • Presenter: Gary & Merrie Gray, Bev Tomiko; Andrews University
  • Date: January 16
  • Online Link to Order Kit (Zoom link will be sent to participants)

April: Do the Loop Knit and Crochet Workshop [CANCELLED]

  • Presenter: TBD
  • Date: April 17
  • Online link for workshop kit (zoom link will be sent to participants)

July: Hammer Time with the Blacksmith

October: Garden Variety Teas and Lemonades Workshop

At-home Activity Packets

Available Quarterly

2021 Theme: Our Voices Matter

$5.00 public, Free Members

Our kid-friendly take home activity kits lets your child explore a whole new world through hands-on projects and activities.

Mary's City of David Walking Tours 2021

2nd Saturday of the Month, summer only

$20.00 or $50.00 per person

Join the BCHA and Mary’s City of David as we tour this exciting historic site!  Member Ron Taylor will lead guests through five site and provide not just history about the City of David, but share his own memories as well!

Spaces are LIMITED for each tour and RSVPs are required.

Quarter 1: Black History Month

Quarter 2: Asian American History Month

Quarter 3: Latinx History Month (early)

Quarter 4: Native American History Month [CANCELLED]

  • Available: November 5
  • Order link

June 12

July 10

  • Limited to: 12 people [SOLD OUT as of 6/6 – waiting list available]
  • Last day to buy tickets: July 9
  • Registration Link

August 14

  • Limited to: 12 people [Limited spaces available as of 6/27]
  • Last day to buy tickets: August 13
  • Registration Link

September 11

  • Limited to 15 people
  • Last day to  buy tickets: September 10
  • NOTE: This tour is $50.00 and includes a snack box option
  • Registration Link