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On Display in 2024

A is for Architecture: An Interactive Look at Berrien County’s Historic Buildings (April 10 – July 4)

B is for Beauty: The Textiles and Accessories of the BCHA Collections (July 10 – October 6)

C is for Cooking: Vintage American Cooking Traditions (October 9 – December 22)

D is for Drew: The Colorful World of Nancy Swan Drew (May 28 – August 31)

Historic temporary exhibits are on display inside the Sheriff’s Residence and artistic temporary exhibits are on display in the Cabin and/or Forge. All can be view during our regular business hours.  There is no additional cost to view these displays, although donations are welcomed to support these and future exhibits!

Previous & Digital Exhibits

Bitter Battle: The Elections That Changed Berrien County (April 12 – July 4)

Growing Diamonds: The 70th Anniversary of the Berrien Springs Garden Club (July 12 – October 1)

דונם משלנו [An Acre of Our Own]: The Jewish Farmers of Berrien County (October 11 – December 23)

Global Titan: The Story of Buchanan’s Clark Equipment Company (January 19 – April 3)

Against the Grain: Wood and Our Daily Lives (April 13 – July 4)

The Melodious Faithful: Music at the House of David (July 13 – October 2)

Sew Gorgeous: Quilts from the BCHA’s Collections (October 12 – December 23)

Digital versions of these exhibits will be made available by November 2022.

Chalkdust: School Life in Berrien County ( October 6 – December 24, 2021)

Curious Curios: The Strange and Wonderful World of the BCHA’s Collections (July 28 – September 19, 2021)

Batter, Batter SWING!  Baseball in Southwest Michigan (May 26 – July 18, 2021)

And the Winner is. . .: The Queens of Blossomtime (March 24 – May 16, 2021)

Historic Rituals: The Freemasons of Berrien County (January 13 – March 7, 2021)