School & Youth Groups

Youth groups and schools interested in exploring Berrien County’s history beyond simple walk-through of our grounds have an opportunity to schedule tours and activities that let you explore history that you are interested in!  Our School Tour Info brochure will help you pick the adventure that’s best for you and your group. 

Ready to take the next step?  Send in the Group Tour Information Sheet to schedule your tour today!

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Regular Tours

These one and a half hour tours are led by knowledgeable BCHA staff and volunteers and explore the story of our buildings and their place within state and local history.  See our brochure above for fees.

Self-guided tours are available for free, but large groups must notify the BCHA ahead of time.

Groups over 100 can not be accommodated due to size and staffing.  If you would like to bring in large scale groups, call the BCHA about schedule a series of tours to meet your needs.


A Tour & Activity

Consider adding an activity to your tour to enhance your experience.  This combination talk/activity add-on allows for your students to take a little history home with them.

Our group request form goes into further detail about these activity topics, but you are encouraged to contact us to learn more.  At this time, we will only be offering the activities currently scheduled.

Pioneer Day 2016 17

Pioneer Day

Our annual Pioneer Day is aimed at students in 3rd and 4th grade and is designed to give them a unique hands-on experience with area experts on pioneer activities!

This half-day field trip takes place the second Thursday in May and new activities are introduced each year alongside old favorites.

To learn more about this year’s schedule, visit our Pioneer Day page!


Mock Trials

Students of all ages can explore our legal system through our mock trial events.

Schools are provided the court case ahead of time for students to be assigned roles and review their parts.

The trial will be held inside the 1839 Courthouse and schools can opt for volunteers from the community to serve on the jury if they so wish.

The Mock Trial is listed as “Objection!” on the School Tour brochure.