Strategic Plan 2019 - 2024

An Open Door to Berrien County History.  Experience the Life.

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The live the mission of the organization to collect, preserve and communicate the history of Berrien County, the BCHA needs to work towards two goals over the next five (5) years:

Goal 1: An Open Door

Provide a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere on the grounds of the Courthouse Complex that attracts Berrien County residents and visitors.

Goal 2: Enhance Relevance

Design programming for multi-generational audiences and communicate historical relevance as a means of building social identity to anchor residents to the community.

In order to achieve these goals, the strategic efforts of the BCHA should focus on the following four (4) strategic directives:

Directive 1: Design and implement interactive programming that engages visitors and communicates the history of Berrien County

  • Shift the current passive model to an experiential model of engagement.
  • Develop interpretive aids for the Courthouse and surrounding buildings.
  • Design engagement events to utilize the exterior space of the Courthouse Complex.
  • Conduct collaborative events with public agencies such as the Village of Berrien Springs, county history centers, the Berrien County Bar & Courts, and the Berrien County Parks Dept.
  • Develop and implement a marketing and communications plan to inform public of events and services.

Directive 2: Cultivate a culture of Volunteerism

  • Develop a formal volunteer program to provide enrollment, direction, task significance, feedback, and safety to those who volunteer for the BCHA.
  • Use a concentric-circle model of recruiting volunteers; transition volunteers into members.
  • Empower volunteers to lead projects they are most passionate about (“Lane 1” initiatives).

Directive 3: Communicate the relevance of history to the next generation

  • Promote educational services, resources, and programs to Berrien County schools.
  • Create interpretive and reenactor experiences on the Courthouse Complex property.
  • Coordinate field trip experiences for Berrien County schools.
  • Develop a School Promotional Plan to market specific programming for elementary and school age/grades to give them a different experience at each encounter.
  • Design targeted programming in civics, government, social justice, law, and law history.
  • Assist the County administration in the creation of a Capital Improvement Plan to maintain and restore historical buildings within the Courthouse Complex.
  • Work with the Village of Berrien Springs to adopt the Courthouse Complex as the cornerstone of the Historical District.

Directive 4: Attain Financial Stability